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It's Time to  Upgrade Your 
Solution Architecture Toolkit

Access the best all-in-one solution tailored specifically for solution architects.

Gain object-oriented tools with never-before-seen functionalities.

Start crushing pro workflows with world-class, server-based software.

Your Future in SA, EA

"In a field with new patterns every day, new technologies to integrate, and numerous doubts and trade-offs, Nexus stands out as our beacon, providing user-friendly, cutting-edge tools for the best experience I could ask for."

Empowering leading architects since 2015:

Nexus offers standardized architectures, streamlined workflows, intuitive navigation and the deepest set of resources.

With the most capabilities on the market, all in one central place,

Nexus is more than just essential tools. It provides exclusive skills and knowledge, boosting its users' capabilities in SA, EA, and governance.

Make faster, more confident decisions with central information.

Improve project quality with simple, customizable workflows.

Grow professionally with new defining tools and resources.

To modern architects, adding Nexus isn't just a want, it's a need.

25+ Tools
100+ Features
200+ Happy Architects

Start Your Evolution Today

Create Your Account with Full Free Access + 7-Day Architect Trial:

Solution Architect using Nexus Architect

Nexus Architect

$̶ ̶4̶9̶.̶9̶9̶   $39,99 per month (= € 36.76)

Empower yourself with new capabilities and exclusive SA tools.

24/7 premium support.

Contact us for team rates.

EA and governance can be added.

  • 0.01US$

Nexus Free

User using IT solution

Life-long free access

Access a state-of-the-art drawing tool, plus all basic features.

Free access is granted by starting a trial (you may cancel immediately)

or getting invited by active members.


Nexus acts as a overarching platform that orchestrates the entire architectural process, seamlessly working with various systems. It integrates with other applications through APIs and webhooks, enhancing interoperability and ensuring your architectural designs can communicate effortlessly with other systems. With it, Architects, CIOs and CTOs gain a strategic partner, delivering clarity, optimization, and substantial enhancements to their workflow.

Take a Closer Look

✔ State-of-the-Art Drawing Tool

✔ IT Architecture Repository

✔ IT Diagram Generation

✔ Wiki

✔ Collaboration

✔ Customisable meta model

✔ Workflows

✔ Fully web-based (SaaS or server based)

✔ Integration with other applications (via API, 

      webhooks, integration flows)

✔ Improved control over IT evolution

✔ Role-based permissions

✔ Spaces, folders and tags to organise content

✔ Audit trace

✔ Plug-ins

✔ Easy and free access for colleagues

      (Base Version Nexus Free)

One Single Tool

Optimized Usage

Browse Usage Examples

 Create Diagrams (UML, BPMN, Archimate, Flow charts…)

★ Share diagrams with colleagues and collaborate

★ Generate diagrams from data

★ Organise content with spaces, folders, and tags

​★ Branch and merge spaces, e.g., to manage alternative scenarios of an architecture

★ Rename or change objects across all multiple diagrams

★ Generate source code and other artefacts from models

★ Link diagrams to let users drill down to details or browse related subjects

★ Use diagrams and data tables in wiki pages

★ Create documents from wiki pages, with change protection, version history, cross references etc.

★ Collaborate using comments, messages, tasks, and validation stamps

*ITAN 01/2024, Best Solution Architecture Tools 2024

Full Main Feature List: UML Diagrams, Archimate Diagrams, BPMN Diagrams, Flowcharts, ER Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Network Diagrams, Integration with Version Control, Real-time Collaboration, Custom Templates, Find Related Diagrams for Object, Find Related Objects, Diagram Versions, Object Versions, Customizable Meta Model, Architecture Repository, Capability Modeling, Technology Roadmapping, IT Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Compliance and Governance, Impact Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Integration with Other Tools, Visualization Tools, Application Portfolio Management, Technology Risk Management, Dependency Analysis, Lifecycle Management, Time Machine, Architecture Validation, Architecture Documents, Architecture Document Templates, Architecture Tasks, Audit Trace, Task Management, Resource Management, Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, Time Tracking, File Sharing, Notifications and Alerts, Reporting and Analytics, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Resource Management, Automated Deployments, Monitoring and Alerts, Cost Management, Compliance and Security, Scalability Management, Integration with On-Premises Systems, Multi-Cloud Support, Disaster Recovery Planning, Schema Design, Data Flow Diagrams, Data Dictionaries, Reverse Engineering, Forward Engineering, Data Integration, Spreadsheet-like Data Editing, Download/Upload Excel, API Management, Workflow Automation, Real-time Data Sync, ETL Tools, Connectors and Adapters, Error Handling and Logging, Security and Compliance, Monitoring and Alerts, OAuth Integration, Distributed Version Control, Branching and Merging, Pull Requests and Code Reviews, CI/CD Integration, Access Control, Issue Tracking, Integration with IDEs, Backup and Recovery, Charts, Reports, Dashboards, Current State Architecture (Consolidated Views), Source Code Generation, Object-Oriented Design Tools, Automated Refactoring, Model-Driven Development, Custom Code Templates, Simulation and Validation, Code Synchronization, Interoperability, Role-Based Access at Data Field Level, Unique ID Generation, Categorize with Tags, Full Text Search.

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